Chris Kirby Antiques offer a considered range of mostly 18/19th century antiques, including:  folk-art, paintings, nautical and country items, to collectors, designers and those wishing to enhance their home spaces.

Chris himself has an instinctive appreciation of antiques and the decorative arts - with a particular interest in folk and naive art  - which he displays at a modern stable barn at his rural home in North Norfolk.

Born in London and admitted to Kingston College of Art and Design, Chris has long practiced painting and photography, His art and photography has been exhibited internationally, including: New York, London and Rome.

Whilst he still ocassionally paints and engages in creative photography, Chris's daily activity of finding and selling antiques keeps him fully absorbed. "I love finding unsual and interesting antiques, cherishing them for a while, then passing them on to those who share a similar aesthetic and appreciation, and who will hopefully treasure them for many years to come."

Chris welcomes general and trade enquiries. He can be contacted via Instagram DM, or mobile text: 07979 805002.